CFD Analysis for Ducts , ESP and Boiler

CFD analysis of ESP :

We perform analysis of ESP’s with aim to increase collecting efficiency by flow modulations . We improve the flow distribution at ESP inlet by optimizing honey-comb design at inlet funnel of ESP and providing screens at proper locations.

The main objective while carrying out CFD analysis in Boilers is to reduce tube erosion caused due to impingement of high velocity fly ash particles, solution - minimizes plant shutdowns due to tube leakages in boilers & increasing the availability of the system.

CFD analysis of Ducts :

The main objective of CFD analysis in Ducts is to design turning vanes or modifying duct layout in order to reduce pressure drop, reduce turbulence and minimize erosion of duct walls caused due to high velocity..

Reducing erosion of the duct walls results in reduction of leakages in the ducting. Reduction of pressure drop across the duct which in turn results in saving of power consumption.