APH Performance Test

APH Performance Test - O2 Test

The Air heater accounts for ~10% of a unit's thermal efficiency and is one of the most critical component of combustion system. Following are the focus areas:

  • Evaluating Air Heater Performance
  • Air Heater Performance Optimization / Design Provisions

  • Air heater is responsible for at least 10% of a units thermal efficiency
  • Excessive leakage can deteriorate net unit efficiency as well as reduce power generation
  • Air Heater Performance correlates directly with excess CO2 emissions

  • The Air heater impacts the efficiency of most plants & equipments

  • Measuring Air Heater Performances
  • Air Leakage
  • Exit gas temperature
  • With Leakage
  • Without Leakages

  • Air Temperature Rize
  • Gas Temperature Drop
  • Temperature Head
  • Gas side efficiency
  • X-Ratio