About us

Mech-well is committed to impart customer satisfaction by latest technology driven products & services. With more than three decades of technical and industrial expertise, we strive to provide turnkey and cost-efficient solutions to power plants and cement industries.

As a centre for innovation, & driven by innovation, we hone our goal to be a global leader in four crucial industry verticals viz. Research & Development,Manufacturing, Air Pollution Control and Testing & Commissioning. With a professional work culture that exuberates dedication, excellence and quality, we take pride in setting superior standards and expectations for our esteemed clients and ourselves.

With more than 35 years of experience Mechwell Industries Ltd. is one of the reputed turnkey solution provider and manufacturers of spares for thermal power plants, cement industries, oil and gas industries, etc.


Aspiring To Be An Indian Multinational Converging Stake Holders Towards Sustainable Growth.

Corporate Mission

We Will Be Value Engineering, Customer Centric Organization Driven By Innovation, System & Safety - Delivered By “Motivated Work Force”.

Core Values

Ownership & Accountability, FTR, Team Work, Transparency, Trust, Continuous Learning, Quality, OTD.


To infuse knowledge continuously and upgrade staff.
To create excellent work environment.

Research & Development

To maintain the trust of Customers.

Quality Policy

To Serve Customer Needs By Optimizing Resources Of Designing, Manufacturing, Supplying Quality Products, Providing Services In Time And Improving The Customer Satisfaction.

Our Services


Expansion Joints (Metallic and Non Metallic), Dampers and Gates, Basket, Radial / Axial / flexible seals for Air- Heaters, Ammonia Flue Gas Conditioning System, SNCR Skids,Silencers and Splitters for gas turbine sets, IBR Approved bends and various fabricated spares for Thermal power plants.


We offer turnkey solution for all services. This includes Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Consultancy, Testing, Erection & Commissioning etc.


Generally when flue gases pass through second pass of boiler, because of resistance offered by the tube bundles , the flow tends to take place through the gap between boiler casing and boiler coils. As the area of this region is very small compared to total flow area, velocity in this region increases. Due to combined effect of high velocity and impingement angle of ash particles the tubes in this region get eroded. To pin point such problem areas the second pass of boiler is divided in to number of planes, and velocity of cold air is measured on pre defined points on each of these planes. This data is used to design the erosion control devices which help to minimize the erosion of boiler tubes. Commonly, E.M.S. (expanded metal screens) are used as E.C.D.