Fabric Expansion Joints

Mechwell Industries is first in ASIA to become member of FSA, USA for fabric expansion joint.

     Fabric joints are made of different fabric materials which can be used in high temperature i.e. around 1000 degree centigrade applications or aggressive environment. MWI gives Guaranteed life of 5 years for Fabric Expansion Joints (Already proven at various thermal power stations) MWI offers wide range of specialty fabrics for different applications. PTFE laminated fiberglass composites are designed for dry flue gas service. A 0.005” PTFE barrier is laminated to fibre glass composite to produce rugged material.

     Thick barrier is specialty product. It can withstand flexing cycles 17 times (3.2 Mn) than that by PTFE / fiberglass composite. This zero porosity barrier is the critical component for preventing chemical attack in expansion joint as compared to traditional thin fragile layer normally offered by most manufacturers. MWI offers thick corrosion barrier on fiberglass composite base. PTFE / fiberglass composite laminated by 100% specialty barrier is capable of resisting stress cracking by flexing and severe temperature fluctuations. The multi directional strength of barrier adds to expansion joint durability. 0.005” non-woven Insulation component laminated to PTFE / Fiberglass composite for severe temperature exposures up to 538 degree centigrade.

Insulation acquires strength from load bearing composite. Added integrity extends life of insulation and prevents hot spot forming.