CFD is one of the branches of fluid  mechanics  that uses numerical  methods  and algorithms to solve and analyze various problems that involve fluid flows.  The basic principle of the CFD modeling method is that the simulated flow region is divided into small cells within each of which the equations governing the flow is solved to obtain information like velocity, pressure, temperature etc.

     Using CFD the complex flow behavior can be clearly visualized to identify the flow problem, which will be helpful to redesign and improve the efficiency of the equipment. CFD analysis is more economical than traditional testing, as it reduces the design time and cost of design. CFD is an emerging design tool for the development and optimization of the existing design in various industries like automotive, aerospace, power generation, process industries etc.


     We are looking forward to have tie up with organizations or provide support to those who are interested in CFD. We have our own design team well equipped to carry out CFD analysis. We can provide cost effective solutions, which is most important in emerging market.