Our Solutions

 Our Solutions

Mech-well Industries Ltd.is an engineering consulting firm specializing in

     Exclusively representing the interests of owners of electrostatic precipitators, MWI neither manufactures nor acts as agent for any manufacturer or sales organization. Throughout its history, Mech-well Industries Ltd.has maintained a reputation of providing objective guidance in specification, erection, startup, operation, and diagnostics of electrostatic precipitators of all makes, configurations, and applications.

     MWI is known for providing comprehensive site-specific and industry-specific operation, maintenance, and engineering training for all major applications. Serving both a domestic and international clientele, Mech-well Industries Ltd. applies a broad range of knowledge derived from experience with diverse applications of air pollution control technology.

 Mech-well is fully equipped to conduct following activities to improve your Power Plant Performance And Reliability

Coal Mill Performance Improvement.

CFD Study is conducted on a computer model based on the results modifications are suggested to improve

·  Coal fineness

·  Derive velocity at outlet pipes

·  Equal distribution of P.F. Flow

·  Optimization of rejects

·  Improvement in primary and secondary classification

Coal mill performance Testing

·  Clean air flow testing

·  Dirty air flow testing

·  Iso kinetic P.F. sampling

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Combustion Optimization

A. Tuning of combustion with respect to coal fineness, correct P.A. / coal ratio and correct quantity of secondary air etc. Based on regular testing, shutdown and overhaul activities can be planned by ‘O & M’ staff.

B. Penthouse, Dog House & Cat House Sealing Membrane:- To ensure the Penthouse, Dog House & Cat House Sealing & combustion enhancement, testing in first pass of the boiler by H.V.T probe (Provided by client). Gradual deterioration of the original penthouse roof seals results in flue gas bypassing into the penthouse, and leads to accumulations of fly ash in the penthouse. Eliminating the ash accumulations by roof sealing improvements wherever

·  Improves combustion.

·  Reduces air heater temperature.

·  Reduces tube repair time in the event of a tube failure in the penthouse, which reduces loss of revenue when the unit is off-line.

     There are personnel safety benefits of the maintenance personnel not having to contend with large accumulations of fly ash that hold the heat for days.

C) Near complete combustion can be ensured with absence of CO formation & presence of residual (excess) O2 at 2 to 3% level. This condition will ensure oxidizing atmosphere & prevent flame carry over or post combustion at super heater zone. Reducing atmosphere create high flue gas temperature at furnace exit with presence of CO. It is most detrimental condition as it results into clinker formation, & overheating of Super heater & Reheater tubes.

High Velocity Thermocouple (H.V.T.) probe can measure temperature variations from left to right as well as measure O2 % & CO ppm.

·  High Velocity Thermocouple (HVT) testing.

·  Testing of Unburnt in Slag and Fly Ash.

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Air Pre Heater Performance improvement

a) To improve the air pre heater performance and recommendation on the basis of test results. It includes:- Thorough inspection of Sector plates, Heating elements & rotor, Centre sections, ‘T’ bars & rotor angles, All seals – radial, axial, bypass, rotor post, Static seals. Gathering of data relevant to Air Heater. A report detailing inspection results and recommendations for potential performance improvement after implementation.

b) Air Pre Heater Performance Optimization including CFD Analysis & Design, Manufacture and Erection of modification in Duct from Economizer Outlet to Air Heater Inlet.

c) In addition we propose for supply & installation of Flexible seals, T- bar & Rotor angles.

ESP performanceImprovement:

     The performance of the ESP can be improved by conducting the test and according to the test results the recommendations will be provided. (Already being carrying out)

·  Flow measurement at ESP Inlet and Outlet

·  Gas Distribution Test: - The gas distribution test is required to find out the flow pattern inside the ESP.  by adjustment of the gas flow all around cross section of ESP, the efficiency can be improved.

·  Sample of Particulars Concentration Measurement (SPM):- This measurement is required to know the condition and efficiency of the ESP.  The measurement include stack gas velocities, stack volumetric flow rate and moisture determination.  Also the measurement gives the fly ash burden at ESP inlet and ESP outlet.

·  Gas Flow Measurement: - The gas flow measurement is essentially required at ESP inlet and ESP outlet to know the gas flow rate from individual pass.  This will give  the idea of flow concentration and according to the measurement the  rectifications/recommendations can be proposed.

·  Duct & ESP Performance Optimization CFD Analysis & design, manufacture and erection of modification in Duct from Air Heater outlet to ESP inlet.

·  Application of Refractory in High Erosion Zone on supplied carbon steel diverter plate. 

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High Energy Drain and Vents

    To identify the heat loss through high energy drains and vent valves and recommendations thereafter for reducing heat loss. Usually passing of drain valves or vents lets wastage of useful heat. If it is a superheated steam, the loss will be heavy. It is essential to monitor such valves to avoid heat loss. Temperature downstream of valves increases when the valve is passing. Extent of passing can be known by the temperature measured.

Thermography: -

     To identify the high temperature zones in the boilers and related auxiliaries, the thermography is used. This will help to take measures to reduce the secondary damages due to high temperature zones/hot spots.