CFD Analysis For Oil & Gas

     Homogenization is major process in many industries, such as chemicals, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum. Mech-well employ Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study and improvement the flow pattern in process industries such as mechanical mixing, agitation in stirred vessels.

     CFD allows in-depth analysis of stirred vessels. It provides the flexibility to readily change design parameters such as tank scale, flow regimes, impeller location, and number of impellers. Using CFD, the study of mixing tanks becomes easier and more economical than with the use of experiments.





•    Optimize the geometrical configurations for Energy savings due to more efficient agitation design (baffle, agitator, no of baffles)
•    Shorten the product development and process optimization time.




Mechwell offers

* Turnkey solutions to improve stirrer performance 

* Consultancy service