CFD & FEA Analysis for Automotive

     Mechwell Ind. provides design analysis services for specialized modeling and simulations for selected areas of automotive engineering. We offer CAE Technique for solving the most challenging automotive problems. Mech-well provides a  CFD solution with a high resolution mesh on a realistic  geometry, the physical models to  predict accurate Airflow & thermal  management, velocity and temperature, humidity for vehicle comfort.


Mechwell Industries Offers Various CFD  Applications in Automobile industries

Aerodynamics of vehicle
Under-hood thermal management   
Break cooling
Climate and comfort control   
Engine flow and combustion
 Exhaust after treatment
Water jacket optimization   
Manifold Design

Under-hood thermal management   

Mechwell CFD analysis  allows design engineers to  understand how particular components will survive in  the conditions they will be subjected to during service.It is used to investigating the flow through the under  hood area under driving conditions, flow through the radiator. Looking at the side effects of airflow in the vehicle, the  engine coolant flow could be modeled.CFD allows Powertrain engineers to predict the  efficiency of a cooling system in an under hood  environment.Vehicle exhaust systems are subject to intense thermal loading and require both careful methodology and engineering experience to accurately predict the shielding, underhood and underbody temperatures


Break cooling System
CFD  plays a important role to Maintaining the brakes at correct operating  temperature.In the field of brake cooling, CFD is the only  really aviable tool, allowing engineers not only to  calculate the distribution of heat transfer  coefficients, but also to visualize the suitable  changes in flow structure that influence the  cooling behavior of a particular design. Mechwell CFD analysis  is useful to find out effectiveness of  different brake cooling strategies & used to achieve maximum braking  performance and minimum aerodynamic losses  simultaneously

Climate and comfort control
CFD is very handy for determining the environment inside the passenger car compartment which is an important consideration in the design and development of the vehicle. Mechwell can provide the solutions for the distribution of air-temperature & air-flow  inside the passenger compartment with complex environments: indoor, outdoor, and in transportation systems. Full radiant, convective and conductive heat transfer with steady state & transient analysis can be perform with human model & heat loads & results can be compared with standard human comfort conditions.


Manifold Design
A properly designed intake manifold is essential for optimal functioning of an internal combustion engine. The main function of air intake system is to filter and measure air flow into the engine cylinders. .CFD is used to investigate thermo-mechanical behavior of manifolds which  has a active cooling system.Mechwell can Analize & suggest design improvement using CFD which are effective to reduce  temperature peaks and temperature gradients to ensure longer service life.CFD simulation can identifywhere to improve the shape of manifold

The thermal performence of the radiator in a automotive plays a vital role .The CFD models are widely used to optimize air flow  distribution inside the radiator enclosure to enhance the  cooling performance of radiator.Mechwell can analize the recirculation zones which leading to hot air pockets which causes degradation of radiator  efficiency through CFD .Mechwell Cfd analyis can help to predict velocity & temperature  distirbution over a radiator & to predict the ABT(Air to boil temperature)

Engine flow and combustion
Mechwell CFD anlysis can provide a solution for Transient flow and combustion simulations,Investigating fuel injection and mixing,  Investigating flame interaction with flow and turbulence & Predicting pressure, heat release, and pollutants concentrations in engines.

Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
Mechwell can provide CFD solutions for the  indications to address the performance of the device through Flow distribution, Uniformity,  Heat loss & Pressure drop.The analysis of various characteristic values and three-dimensional CFD results gave a physical insight into the phenomena observed and allowed the assessment of various designs.

FEA Analysis for Automotive

Auto industry uses FE simulations to ensure occupant safety and structural integrity in comparison with the standards. We offer FE analysis of all systems viz. body, chassis and powertrain for structural integrity in above mentioned areas. We also offer simulations of some of the advance dynamic events such as crash to predict the response of the complex interaction between structural and inertial forces using RADIOSS.