Software Development

     It is our passion to serve our clients better and to enable them to develop useful database relating to boiler, we have designed a software utility, which is useful for the task of record keeping, retrieval of history, predict replacement / repair schedules, enhance efficiency and help faster decision making.

1. The Software is based on solid edge, which is a very popular brand in 3-D modeling. The software developed by us mainly covers data and history related to various tube bundles, water-cooled walls, steam cooled walls, of boilers. We take up the job of building 3-D computer models of boiler incorporating various internal details as above.

2. The computer model is created in 3-Dimensions and all the details of its internals are also incorporated in 3-Dimensions.

3. The Software is boiler design specific and can be used only for all identical designed units of a plant. For other designs extra nodes can be provided at little extra costs.


4. For various locations of tubes of each boiler model, data like survey history, tube thickness measurements, replacement history, modifications / overhaul history, material specifications etc. can be maintained. These data are very useful for evolving further strategy of repair, replacement, investigation, corrective / preventive action, forecasting etc.

5. The Software is also geared for giving warning alerts for particular parameters crossing the range specified. e.g. tube due for replacement when thickness reduces to a specified one. This is a user-defined feature.
6. The Software is user friendly.
7. The Software is easily upgradeable.