Acoustics for Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas Turbine Noise Reduction

     The main source of noise in Gas Turbine power plant is the suction noise due to inlet stack, which is propagating through inlet stack. The existing silencing system is doing his job up to some level but in spite of attenuating noise it gives increased pressure drop as well as undistributed flow behavior. We solved this problem by using CFD along with analytical approach.

      The existing splitter arrangement has been modified to get better noise attenuation and improved flow.

Existing Gas Turbine Inlet Duct with contour of Total Pressure Existing model with contours of Near Field Noise

Mech-well's Solution For GAS TURBINE Inlet Duct Silencing System :

     It involves attenuation of noise that is propagating through Inlet duct of Gas Turbine plant while avoiding too much pressure drop across the modified arrangement. Proper arrangement of splitters (lined with noise absorber material) is chosen for this purpose. The arrangement of splitters has been proofed by Analytical calculation so that it attenuates maximum propagated noise and got sophisticated pressure drop.

What three stages we are utilizing :

     Solving approaches involved advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Solutions to complex Analytical solutions with further validations from available Experiment setup in our own facility.